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Nanokeratin  System Hair PowerCreate Endless Beauty

This is an innovative development at the forefront of technology utilizing nano-molecular keratin, whose particles are so miniscule that millions of them can be gathered onto a pin head! Minute traces of vapor with extraordinary penetration capabilities enter and completely fill damaged hair with nano-molecular keratin particles. During the next step those nano-molecules are locked into the hair as additional vapor is infused, thus creating permanent, non-soluble keratin, just like natural keratin! The result is beautiful, silky soft, nourished hair with a glorious shine. Hair immediately becomes healthier and easier to style.

The Nanokeratin Hair Power method revitalizes your hair, it’s as simple as that! Regular conditioners and hair treatments sometimes contain protein molecules, but these are too large to penetrate the core of your hair or to be precise. And of course, they are rinsed out each time you shampoo. Nanokeratin Hair Power utilizes the same protein that is found in your hair, keratin, but in its most minute size, thus it is locked into the hair strand where it repairs and nourishes hair immediately. Nanokeratin Hair Power is simply the most advanced technology – the fastest and most efficient method in the world to repair, revitalize and care for your hair. All hair types can benefit from this innovative technology, but the results are particularly impressive in cases of severely damaged hair.

Restore your hair’s natural glory and beauty! Give it back its health, vibrancy, strength and shine!

All of the products, including shampoos, hair repair products and styling products are tailored to various hair types.

Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy Brazilian straightening hair Power
Nanokeratin System clarifying Shampoo number 1 Hair Power
Nanokeratin System Brazilian straightening and hair repair


Nanokeratin System clarifying Shampoo number 1
Hair Power Improving Mask straightens and coats hair with nanokeratin
Nanokeratin System Hair Power Shampoo
Magic Touch Nanokeratin Complex Cream
Nanokeratin Hair Power Brazilian Mask and Repair
Nanokeratin Hair Power Pure Keratin Hair Spa
NanoKeratin Hair Power Polymerization Essence
Hair Power Nanokeratin Essence
Nankeratin System Hair Power Shampoo
NanoKeratin Hair Power Energizing Treatment Essence
Nanokeratin System Titanium Straightening Iron ES2400T
Nanokeratin System Professional Set
Nankeratin System Hair Dvd System