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What is Nanokeratin?

Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy  Brazilian straightening hair Power

Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy  is a revolutionary technology in the field of hair straightening which is based on nano-molecules of keratin – your hair’s natural building material. The particles meld perfectly into the structure of your hair and provide it with a softer, smoother and silkier look than ever before. You can now offer your clients the most advanced, efficient and healthy straightening method and smooth your way to success…

     A revolutionary breakthrough in the field of hair straightening

       A quick process with perfect results in just four steps

      Straightening that repairs, nurtures and coats your hair with keratin

      Promotes beautiful, soft, flexible, shiny and healthy hair

      Impressively successful with severely damaged, highlighted and blond hair as well as hair that has gone through Japanese straightening

The result: smooth hair that is coated with nanokeratin, making it stronger as well. Sensitive portions of hair are repaired, hair is protected, shiny and full of life.

The nanokeratin preserves hair’s natural vitality. Hair is soft and flexible after use.