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What is Nanokeratin?

Nanokeratin Hair Power Pure Keratin Hair Spa

       Intense reconstruction of hair strands through keratin

      Repairs fissures in hair strands after coloring and highlighting

      Completely repairs hair

Coats hair with keratin, renews hair and gives it a shiny, flexible look

Comes in the form of a plastic vial containing 3 ml. of the product. The Nanokeratin Hair Spa Keratin inside is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted in hot water.

Take the applicator bottle that comes with it and fill it with hot water. The amount of water depends on how long and how thick the hair to be treated is.

After shampooing hair once or twice, towel dry
very carefully then massage Nanokeratin Hair Spa Keratin while combing. Wait 10 minutes before blow-drying/Iron .

Suggested Doses

short hair
1.5 oz. hot water and the whole vial apply once a week for five weeks then maintenance is once or twice a month.

medium length hair
0.5 oz. hot water and the whole vial
apply as stated above

long hair
1 oz. hot water and the whole vial apply as stated above